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The Blu2 DALI Bluetooth Lighting Range from Vossloh-Schwabe incorporates DALI technology with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless control and management of lighting systems using Bluetooth-enabled devices. It provides users with the flexibility to adjust lighting settings, create customized lighting scenes, and implement energy-saving strategies through a mobile app. The Blu2 DALI range is designed to cater to various lighting applications and offers convenient control options for enhanced user experience.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Control from any Phone or Tablet
  • Quick and simple Installation (New or Retrofit)
  • Bluetooth Gateway offers analytics and BMS Integration.
    The B2L MESH offers one of the fastest and most stable Bluetooth data transmissions.
  • OPEN: 
    All system parameters are available at the gateway via an open interface.
  • SAFE: 
    Highest possible system security through the unique QR code per device.
    Decentralised intelligence ensures complete stand-alone operation. No internet access is required.

Blu2Light solutions

Polaris Config & Monitor Software

Bluetooth Gateway 

Wardew has developed a Lighting Server using the Blu2 Light Gateway, enhancing the capabilities of the system. This server allows the end user to access valuable analytical data through Grafana, including information such as brightness levels, movement patterns, light levels, occupancy trends, CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity data. With this comprehensive data at their fingertips, users can make informed decisions regarding lighting control and energy management. Additionally, Wardew has also created a BMS Light Server that supports both Modbus and BACnet protocols, ensuring seamless integration with existing building management systems.

The Blu2Light LAN Gateway, a compact device, plays a vital role in data processing and storage for Blu2Light end devices. It enables the retrieval of DALI-PMD (Power Measurement Diagnostics) data and establishes a connection between the Bluetooth® measurement network and the IP network. Configuration of the LAN Gateway is conveniently done through the LiNA Connect app, offering ease of use and efficient management of the system

Bluetooth Dali Node

Our solution offers a compact casing that seamlessly integrates into luminaires, eliminating the need for a separate mains voltage connection. With an integrated Bluetooth mesh radio module, it enables wireless communication and control. Addressing up to 64 DALI devices, it provides flexibility and scalability for various lighting applications. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our user-friendly DALI solution for enhanced lighting control.

Bluetooth Dali Sensors

  • MultiSensor XS
    • Combined light and motion detection for mounting heights up to 4 m. 
  • MultiSensor XL 
    • Combined light and motion detection for mounting heights up to 12 m. 
  • MultiSensor XXL 
    • Combined light and motion detection for mounting heights up to 17 m. 
  • MultiSensor AIR 
    • The Blu2Light MultiSensor AIR is designed for integration into building automation and cloud control of the building. The values detected by the sensor’s measuring elements ( Temperature , Humidity and Co2 ) are made available via the integrated mesh-compatible Bluetooth® interface for regulation or control tasks of building systems.  

Bluetooth Dali Relays

With the use of the Blu2Light Relais, non-dimmable luminaires (or similar loads) can be integrated into the Blu2Light system. The Blu2Light Relais can also be used to control a roller shutter motor. The relay is set up via app.

Bluetooth PWM RGBW Controllers

Innovative 4-channel Bluetooth® constant voltage dimmer for LED modules from 12 VDC to 48 VDC

Bluetooth Switches & Input Couplers

  • Maintenance-free Bluetooth ® 4-fold pushbutton for individually configurable local operation. For wall mounting on flat surfaces via adhesive pad or screw fastening.  
  •  The Blu2Light Connect and Connect PB4 enables manual operation of a Blu2Light system via up to 2 or 4 standard buttons. Due to a direct supply via mains voltage, the product is maintenance-free. It is installed in a standard flush-mounted box. 

Polaris Config & Monitor Software

Configuration is the first step towards your complete Encelium X lighting control system. We recognize its importance with Polaris Config, special software that helps make the process faster and easier. Once the system is configured, the initial work of Polaris Config is done. When you’re ready to enhance or expand your system, Polaris Config is ready to help.

Polaris Monitor dashboard gives you a clear view of your entire building or campus.

Wired 4 Bus Managers (DALI 2)

Our managers connect and coordinate the functionality of all devices, serving as the brain of the Encelium system. Managers receive and process inputs, then send a control command to the load controllers, making any and all necessary adjustments.

Wireless Managers (DALI 2)

The Encelium X Wireless Manager is the central intelligence point in the system for wireless devices. It collects information from photo sensors, occupancy sensors and wallstations to enable multiple lighting control strategies. It then determines appropriate brightness levels or ON/OFF status for each luminaire and zone

Connected Lighting Module

The CLM is a wireless device designed to bring individual luminaire control to spaces delivering ultimate flexibility to building managers for the life of the space. With controls inherently integrated, it significantly reduces electrical contractor labor hours during installation. For the lighting OEM, it reduces component count and streamlines assembly.