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Tridonic offers a wide range of lighting control system products that cater to various needs and applications. Their product portfolio includes advanced LED drivers, sensors, control modules, and interfaces that seamlessly integrate with their lighting control solutions.

Tridonic’s LED drivers provide precise dimming capabilities and ensure optimal performance of LED luminaires. The sensors offered by Tridonic enable intelligent lighting control based on occupancy, daylight levels, and other environmental factors.

Their control modules and interfaces allow for seamless communication and integration with building management systems and other control platforms. With their high-quality and reliable product offerings, Tridonic empowers customers to create sophisticated and energy-efficient lighting systems tailored to their specific requirements.

Key Features

  • Simple commissioning, monitoring and maintenance with the user-friendly web interface
  • REST API interface for individual data transfer and analysis processing
  • Switching on/off & dimming/brightening
  • Changing the colour temperature static light scenes
  • Dependent on movement and daylight
  • Dependent on calendar and time of day
  • Automatic creation of light scenes
  • Human centric lighting
  • Light animations
  • Automatic testing of the emergency lighting
  • Integration in facility management systems




tridonic solutions


sceneCOM evo is the perfect solution for LED office lighting ranging in size from a single floor to lighting for an entire building. However, not only the interior lighting can be managed using sceneCOM evo, the building’s outdoor lighting can also be easily and wirelessly integrated into the system.

sceneCOM evo also supports the use of facility management systems, which enable the lighting system to be connected to other building systems such as air conditioning and security systems.

BasicDIM Wireless

Tridonic is linking the wired DALI world with its Bluetooth-based basicDIM Wireless system using basicDIM Wireless modules.

One such module in each installation is used as a translator between DALI and Bluetooth. Expanding an installation with basicDIM Wireless gives Tridonic customers access to a comprehensive lighting ecosystem.

The fact that there is no need to run additional DALI lines makes installation much easier and reduces the amount of material required. At the same time, the lighting system itself is much more flexible. The lighting concepts can be adapted to new conditions and requirements in just a few simple steps – benefiting customers and installers alike.

Application Controllers

Tridonic’s application controllers, especially the Scenecom controllers, offer powerful and versatile lighting control solutions. With user-friendly interfaces and programming tools, these controllers allow easy customisation of lighting settings and the creation of dynamic lighting scenes.

They support various control protocols, ensuring compatibility with different fixtures and systems. Tridonic’s application controllers provide reliable and efficient solutions for achieving precise and intelligent lighting control in a wide range of environments.


Tridonic’s sensor options are not only versatile but also DALI 2 certified, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with DALI and Dali 2-based lighting systems.

These sensors excel in various applications, including commercial, industrial, and hospitality spaces. By combining their advanced functionality with DALI 2 certification, Tridonic sensors provide precise and reliable occupancy and daylight sensing capabilities. This makes them an ideal choice for optimising lighting control in spaces where energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience are paramount.

Whether it’s office buildings, manufacturing facilities, or hotel environments, Tridonic’s DALI 2 certified sensors offer a powerful solution for achieving intelligent and efficient lighting control.

User Interfaces

Tridonic offers a range of user interface options that are ideal for commercial spaces, providing convenient and intuitive control over their lighting systems. By visiting their website, you can explore the various interface options they offer.

These interfaces are designed to enhance user experience and simplify the management of lighting systems. Whether it’s touch panels, wall-mounted keypads, or mobile apps, Tridonic provides flexible solutions that cater to different user preferences and needs.

With their user-friendly interfaces, you can effortlessly adjust lighting levels, create custom lighting scenes, and schedule lighting events to optimize energy efficiency and create the desired ambiance in commercial environments. Tridonic’s interface options empower users to have full control over their lighting systems, ensuring a comfortable and visually appealing space tailored to specific requirements.

Power Supplies

Tridonic offers a wide range of DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) solutions, including DALI drivers and DALI power supplies, designed to enhance lighting control capabilities.

With Tridonic’s DALI drivers, lighting systems can achieve precise dimming control, enabling dynamic lighting scenarios and energy efficiency. These drivers are compatible with various DALI control devices and allow seamless integration into existing building management systems. Tridonic’s DALI power supplies ensure reliable and stable power distribution to DALI devices, providing a solid foundation for efficient lighting control.

Whether it’s retrofitting an existing space or implementing a new lighting installation, Tridonic’s DALI solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and compatibility, making them an excellent choice for commercial applications that require advanced lighting control capabilities.


Tridonic offers a wide range of DALI and DALI 2 actuators for lighting control. These actuators provide precise dimming, switching, and advanced control capabilities for individual or grouped luminaires.

With compliance to the DALI 2 standard, Tridonic’s actuators offer enhanced functionality and interoperability. They support features like color temperature control, color control, and occupancy sensing, making them suitable for various commercial spaces.

Tridonic’s DALI and DALI 2 actuators ensure reliable and flexible lighting control, optimizing energy efficiency and user comfort.