Smart lighting is an essential tool for creating a comfortable and efficient living or working space. Not only is it ideal for atmosphere and ambiance, but it also allows for easier and more efficient control of the home or workplace's lighting, using fewer resources while enabling enhanced safety and security.

With smart lighting, you can set scenes to adjust the mood of a room, area, or even an entire building. Best of all, you can easily program and automate lights for convenience and energy efficiency.

The Blu2 DALI Bluetooth Lighting Range from Vossloh-Schwabe incorporates DALI technology with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless control and management of lighting systems using Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It provides users with the flexibility to adjust lighting settings, create customized lighting scenes, and implement energy-saving strategies through a mobile app. The Blu2 DALI range is designed to cater to various lighting applications and offers convenient control options for enhanced user experience.

When you choose the Encelium advanced lighting control system, you get advanced controls that make everyone’s life better and brighter — from installers to occupants. But you also get The Encelium Experience, a rare combination of simplicity, flexibility — and confidence that you’re working with an innovative, experienced lighting control manufacturer.

Thousands of healthcare centers, office buildings, educational institutions, and commercial properties around the world experience Encelium every day. Now it’s your turn.

Tridonic offers a wide range of lighting control system products that cater to various needs and applications. Their product portfolio includes advanced LED drivers, sensors, control modules, and interfaces that seamlessly integrate with their lighting control solutions.

Tridonic’s LED drivers provide precise dimming capabilities and ensure optimal performance of LED luminaires. The sensors offered by Tridonic enable intelligent lighting control based on occupancy, daylight levels, and other environmental factors.

When you enter a building with a lighting control system like Lunatone, you’ll experience bright and comfortable spaces designed to enhance healing, learning, and productivity.

The lighting is intelligently tuned to meet the occupants’ needs, dynamically adjusting to maximise natural daylight, automatically turning off lights in unoccupied areas, and adapting to changing requirements. Behind the scenes, these systems offer efficient automation, ensuring time-saving operations and reducing maintenance efforts.