Encellium X

Encelium X

Join the Future of Advanced Lighting Controls

As an Encelium Extend user, you’ve come to understand the system’s capabilities, ease of use, and confidence in system operation. At Encelium, our brand promise is The Encelium Experience, which brings our customers advanced capabilities that are simple and flexible to use — and the confidence that they’re working with an innovative, experienced lighting controls company.

For over 20 years, Encelium has provided innovative lighting control solutions for a broad array of customer applications. In May of 2021, Encelium introduced Encelium X, our cutting-edge next-generation system that has replaced Encelium Extend. Encelium X brings new capabilities, more value, and an enhanced experience to building managers, owners, and occupants.

Designed for Building Managers

The most fundamental enhancement is the complete re-design from the ground up of our Polaris™ software, with a new, purposely designed application for Building Managers. Polaris Monitor — gives the Building Manager a view into their building’s operation — with simplistic control to modify or enhance any system setting to adjust for building needs or occupant requests. One of the significant enhancements is the ability to access Polaris Monitor from multiple devices – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone with any commonly-used web browser applications — from any location within your building. Make system adjustments wherever you’re at with whatever mobile device you have with you.


  • New Platform, Same Hardware — Encelium X is a complete system re-imagined inside-out to work on existing hardware (exception: GreenBus I or II Silver managers – last shipped January 2014 and all existing DALI Wired Managers).
  • Completely New from the Ground Up — Polaris software provides Facility Managers a status and occupancy view of any area, check current energy use, adjust schedules, run reports, and much more.
  • Speed Enhancements — Polaris Monitor launches and operates up to 20X faster, saving you time navigating your building floor plans.
  • Enhanced Reporting — Polaris Monitor reporting is even more robust and intuitive with Encelium X.
  • Increased Reliability — An internal watchdog monitors, repairs, and recovers micro-services to ensure peak system operation.