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When you enter a building with a lighting control system like Lunatone, you’ll experience bright and comfortable spaces designed to enhance healing, learning, and productivity.

The lighting is intelligently tuned to meet the occupants’ needs, dynamically adjusting to maximise natural daylight, automatically turning off lights in unoccupied areas, and adapting to changing requirements. Behind the scenes, these systems offer efficient automation, ensuring time-saving operations and reducing maintenance efforts.

They comply with strict building codes and deliver energy efficiency, lowering costs and environmental impact. With their seamless scalability and future-proof design, Lunatone inspires sophisticated lighting control with remarkable simplicity.

Key Features

  • Dali Visual (Floor Plan Control, Feedback and Energy Monitoring VIA WEB HTML5)

  • BMS Integration over IoT Gateway or Modbus

  • 4 Dali Buses from DIN2 sized Controller

  • Wired, Wireless & Bluetooth solutions

  • Multiple Sensor, Input, Touch Screen and Control options available.

  • Dali & Dali 2 compatible





lunatone solutions


DALI PS serves as power supply for the DALI bus system. Voltage and current limitation according to standard as well as timing ensure a reliable bus communication. With the output current of up to 250mA an entire DALI line can be supplied. Up to 64 addressable DALI devices and additional 20 to 30 control modules (DALI Sensors, MC, Touch panel…), up to an overall load of 200mA can be connected. Units with different output current and housing are available, suitable for DIN rail mounting, remote ceiling installation (housing with strain relief) or ush-mounted installation boxes.

Encelium X: Wireless

We provide the industry’s most robust, secure, and reliable wireless lighting controls system, from small areas to ambitious large-scale deployments. A reliable mesh network surrounds your building, inside and out, providing excellent reliability. Wireless controls are inherently easier and faster for electrical contractors to install, since they don’t have to pull wire from device to device. It’s ideal for retrofits and new construction. And wireless gives you the ultimate in flexibility, since spaces and buildings can be adapted quickly in the future.

Encelium X: Wireless

Hybrid System: Freedom of Choice

In some installations, it may make sense to use a hybrid system design that combines wired and wireless technologies in one installation. For example, you may want to add a wireless floor or building to an existing wired project. And some areas of buildings (e.g., concrete construction) make pulling wire difficult. Or different tenants within a building may have a preference for wired or wireless. For these situations and more, we offer unequalled expertise in creating reliable hybrid solutions. And thanks to built-in GreenBus technology, our hybrid solutions eliminate the need for batteries in sensors and keypads, maximising convenience and flexibility.

wireless dali

Wireless DALI being connected to the DALI system. The second component can be positioned anywhere within the radio range of the transmitter (approx. 20 to 50m). The system enables wireless control of DALI components using wireless switches or remote control units. It also allows integration of luminaires into a DALI system without DALI wiring. Thereby, wDALI provides an easy to install solution to extend DALI installations.

Settings, such as assigning receivers and transmitters, can be configured using the DALI Cockpit PC Software. It is also possible to assign several transmitters to a single receiver.

Control gear DALI / Switch Dim

DALI LED-driver – Input voltage 230VAC, output with secure isolation between mains and DALI. Output signal can be controlled via DALI or SwitchDim2.
Versions for constant current (250mA/350mA –> 1050mA) and constant voltage (24V, 1A max.) are available.

Actuators: DALI | 0-10V | PWM

Actuators like DALI, 0-10V, and PWM offer versatile control options. DALI provides digital control for individual lighting fixtures.0-10V allows smooth dimming and control of devices using analog signals. PWM enables precise digital modulation for applications like motor control and LED dimming. These actuators play a vital role in achieving efficient and accurate control in various industries.


DALI USB is an interface module from DALI via USB to PC. This interface allows addressing and configuration of DALI installations with the use of the DALI Cockpit software. Different versions suitable for DIN rail mounting, remote ceiling installation, or with an integrated DALI bus power supply 30mA, are available.