join the future of advanced lighting controls

When you walk into any building featuring an Encelium system, you’ll find bright, comfortable spaces that are ideal for healing, learning, and working. You’ll see beautiful light tuned to the needs of building occupants. You’ll notice how elegant and smart the lighting is — dimming to harvest daylight, automatically turning off lights in unused areas, and continually adjusting light to meet evolving needs.

And you’ll see that we make light remarkably easy to control.

But what you don’t see is just as important.

Automation that saves time.

Meticulous design that boosts reliability while reducing maintenance. Compliance with even the strictest building codes, no matter where. Energy efficiency that lowers costs and environmental impact now. And seamless evolution and expansion in the future. Where sophisticated lighting controls meet remarkable simplicity, that’s where you’ll find Encelium — and our advanced Encelium X lighting control system.

Key Features

  • HTML5 Web Browser (Access to Portal on all Devices )
  • Scalability: Campus / Building / Floor /Area
  • Seamless Integration
    • BMS Systems ( BACnet )
    • Security Systems
    • AV Systems
    • HVAC
    • Motorized Blinds (Somfy Commercial )
  • Live Energy Reporting (Power Consumption , Energy ROI )
  • System Maintenance: Fixture failure alerts, Driver Alert Failure & Predictive maintenance.




encelium solutions

Polaris Config & Monitor Software


If you prefer a wired system, we’ve made ours as advanced and simple as possible. Our innovative GreenBus two-wire communication topology takes the work out of wiring, providing a simple solution for supplying power and data to Encelium X. GreenBus technology makes wiring fast and error-free, since it’s intuitive to install. With Encelium X, you can also control DALI devices exclusively or a mixture of GreenBus and DALI. With any Encelium. wired design, you get a reliable, on-site lighting control system that can be installed quickly and easily.


We provide the industry’s most robust, secure, and reliable wireless lighting controls system, from small areas to ambitious large-scale deployments. A reliable mesh network surrounds your building, inside and out, providing excellent reliability. Wireless controls are inherently easier and faster for electrical contractors to install, since they don’t have to pull wire from device to device. It’s ideal for retrofits and new construction. And wireless gives you the ultimate in flexibility, since spaces and buildings can be adapted quickly in the future.


In some installations, it may make sense to use a hybrid system design that combines wired and wireless technologies in one installation. For example, you may want to add a wireless floor or building to an existing wired project. And some areas of buildings (e.g., concrete construction) make pulling wire difficult. Or different tenants within a building may have a preference for wired or wireless. For these situations and more, we offer unequalled expertise in creating reliable hybrid solutions. And thanks to built-in GreenBus technology, our hybrid solutions eliminate the need for batteries in sensors and keypads, maximizing convenience and flexibility.

Polaris Config & Monitor Software

Configuration is the first step towards your complete Encelium X lighting control system. We recognize its importance with Polaris Config, special software that helps make the process faster and easier. Once the system is configured, the initial work of Polaris Config is done. When you’re ready to enhance or expand your system, Polaris Config is ready to help.

Polaris Monitor dashboard gives you a clear view of your entire building or campus.

Wired 4 Bus Managers (DALI 2)

Our managers connect and coordinate the functionality of all devices, serving as the brain of the Encelium system. Managers receive and process inputs, then send a control command to the load controllers, making any and all necessary adjustments.

Wireless Managers (DALI 2)

The Encelium X Wireless Manager is the central intelligence point in the system for wireless devices. It collects information from photo sensors, occupancy sensors and wallstations to enable multiple lighting control strategies. It then determines appropriate brightness levels or ON/OFF status for each luminaire and zone

Connected Lighting Module

The CLM is a wireless device designed to bring individual luminaire control to spaces delivering ultimate flexibility to building managers for the life of the space. With controls inherently integrated, it significantly reduces electrical contractor labor hours during installation. For the lighting OEM, it reduces component count and streamlines assembly.